Welcome to my new Blog;

In the World but, not of it!

I can’t wait to learn, create, and grow with you in the Lord and as a Mom. I have been blogging for some time and have two blogs that I run up-to-now. I really wanted to branch out and write just about being a Christian Mom and everything that is tied to it. Because we all know, that we moms wear many hats! I wanted to write about it all and not be stuck to just one thing…

I have a blog called thedyslexichomeschooler.blogspot.ca which I will soon be ending. Some of the content will still be available, just in a different format.

Though I grew so much from it and love this blog dearly, it is only for two Categories…Dyslexic’s and Homeschooler’s. This is not broad enough for me as a blog writer now. Recently, we have started Public school which spun a whole new world of writing for me with no platform to type on.

Then, I also write Fiction books. This opened up the world of, just being a writer, on..Specifically a Reality Writer: www.reality-writer.blogspot.ca (just clicked to see if this link works and noticed someone has diverted this to their own blog 😦 That wasn’t nice…but I have started a new blog anyways with Word Press…here is the link! www.realitywriter.wordpress.com


I want to talk about:

The hobbies I do and make at home, ways I save with being a Mom of five Children under 9 years old, How I even managed homeschooling in the first place and why we switched to Public School, And, how that has affected us now, Things I have changed in our home to make life easier, How to still focus on God when everything around me is stealing my attention, How I raise my children up in the Lord, How to make the cutest Children’s Christmas Play outfits, Where to find the best deals for clothes, Meals I make to feed our hungry brood, Eating organic and still being within budget, And so on, and so on….

Please join me as we head out on this adventure–getting to know each other better and getting to know Christ together!