Phone Company’s Must Love Moms!

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I am absolutely convinced that phone company’s LOVE moms!

I was just having a discussion with a very good friend of mine and couldn’t help but laugh when she told me she needed a new phone because she dropped hers. I asked where and giigled-knowing exactly what happened and yup! Truth be told, she dropped it in the sink!

To think of how many phones I have boughten over the years because I have dropped them into the dirty dishwater: Two hands in the soapy water, head cranked to the side, smiling, and cramping while insanely trying to multitask the slippery plastic against my slick hair. Then-whoops!

This doesn’t account for our wonderful helpers that are oh-so-willing to aide us in our phones doom.

Toddlers are great when it comes to laundry, they can pick up those articles that have fallen on the ground so mommy doesn’t have to bend over, etc.  But, they also are prone to helping mommy add extra clothes or items they feel need to be washed and not always does mommy pick up on what has been added to the ever growing wash cycle-lo and behold, it is the cell phone.

Milk and juice have made the acquaintance of our cell phones while parked on the counter by our lil mini helpers and the worst is when they scream, “bye-bye” from the bathroom and you here the toilet flush. Yes, that was the phone and pretend Grandparent swimming down the drain!

These little accidents have cost us a lot in recent years but, nothing is more valuable to me than my Saviour, my husband and my lil’ helpers. Life can be so materialistic if we allow it, or we can laugh about the cost of our modern life and truly value the best things this life has to offer!

Matthew 6:19

Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:” KJV

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The Hard Path of Mothering with Purpose Series

The Hard Path Series | Blog

I am going to be starting a new Series that deals with the hard path of being a Mother of Purpose!

Being a mother-no doubt-is hard work. It is selfless and we can have our doubts of who we are, what we are doing and if we are actually making any difference at all. I am here to tell you, you are! You are making an impact in your child’s life…one that lasts into eternity.

This Series will delve into thoughts that will keep you on the narrow path with your head held up and your eyes set on the things above-Heaven. For this is our main purpose.

However, we can get distracted from our main purpose and goal in rearing up and training up our children in whom God has entrusted to us. So, for the first part of this Series, I want to talk about your Identity!

#1 ~ What Is Your Identity?

Who are you as a mother? And what is your real purpose in that role?

Well, to some these questions come easily if all is well in your world of mothering but, when the walls are crashing in and the rules are neglected and children are rebelling…these are hard questions to ask ourselves. We need to focus again and remember what our calling is.

We are mothers. We are not necessarily; naggers, pushovers, walls to climb over or step on-ers, or angry monsters. We are called to be nurtures first and foremost but, most importantly our main calling is to be Christ-like!!!

Are you an imitation of Christ?

Does your children see Christ in you? Our Identity lies in who Christ is, not of ourselves. Are we being mothers on our own strength?

I often think of Jesus and His life lived. He is the single most crucial part of our existence, our Creator, our Heavenly Father. He came to this earth as the King of Kings and was met with murderous eyes and depravities. His life was not lavish. His earthly children did not recognized Him. He was used by them. He was mocked and laughed at by them. He was beaten up by them. Even His closest disciples, who He poured every bit of wisdom and love into, deserted Him at one time. Yet, out of love he sacrificed His own desires, bled out tears of sorrow and gave up His life for his wicked children (yet, while we were yet sinners Christ died for us) 

I believe we have the perfect image of self sacrifice in Christ.

Now, I am not suggesting at all you let your kids spit in your face, rip out your hair or beat you up!!! But, I want us to recognize that mothering is a sacrifice with a GREAT reward!!

Christ found this to be JOY SET BEFORE HIM!!!

We too can look to Christ and know we have a great reward in heaven. Our Identity, our strength, our reward is Christ. Lift up your eyes. Be Christ-like and know you are loved in Him first. Then, we can in return show self sacrifice for our children during those rough times, so we too can reap the great reward of a life born again into the kingdom of God. For your children are a great reward and your example to them will lead them also towards heaven!

What a beautiful joy to have!

Hebrews 12:2

“Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.” KJV

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#2~What Is Your Faith?

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When Mama wants to throw a tantrum too!

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Halfway through my day:


I hate this! Why did you have to make homemade pizza??!!

You are so mean!

He’s touching me!

Mom, he spat in my food-I saw it!

No, I didn’t!

What!?? YOU want me to finish ALLL of my supper before I get that brownie? (After a 9 year old…has a 2 year old epic melt down and complete refusal of better behaviour)–Why did I lose my brownie….Make up for it by cleaning my room? You have to feed me you know!

Do we have to?! Why do you always make us go to bed.

I don’t want to brush my teeth!

You are the worst mom in the whole world!

Get in the bath-NO!

Get out of the bath-NO!

Brush your teeth-No!

Put your backbacks away!


Where they always go; In the side hallway–he chucks it in the main hallway.

No, you need to go back to the table and scrap your food off into the garbage if you are not going to it eat it.

Eat over your plate, not over the floor.

Sit properly on that chair.

Don’t just leave that bowl on the floor, pick it up!

Looking down the hallway, past the backpack, stepping over the bowl and try to hide in the bathroom.

Now mom losses it—-

WHO PEED ON THE TOILET SEAT AGAIN and DIDN’t flush the toilet???!!!!!

Tears started to break and the thought of, ‘What’s the use’ came to my mind. Defeat. Anguish. Tired.

Mom! Where are you?

As I sat back down on the slippery toilet seat, locking the door and desperately trying to think of something good, thoughts of the laundry clouded anything else and the impending workload still screamed at me—CLEAN ME—FOLD ME—PICK ME UP OFF OF THE FLOOR FOR THE 5th TIME TODAY! Re-wash the clean clothes they have been put in the dirty clothes.

Knock, knock, knock—mom, are you in there-I want a drink!

The bathroom floors pleaded with me to sweep them again though, they collect more dirt than I can sweep away.

I didn’t want to leave that bathroom. Yet I did.

Go to bed-No!

Fight to put PJ’s on. Tuck them all into bed. Sit down.

Silent, finally!

For five minutes.


Good night, go to bed!

Hahhaeeeehheee. Jump-THUD.

MOOOOmmmmm! He’s out of his beeeeddd!

Screeammming echoed the upstairs and ran down the hallway-GIVVVE IT BACK-give me that toy-IT”S MINE!!!

Back upstairs, put them to bed again and started to clean up the night dishes…pointless to sit down.

One hour later and completely exhausted, the kids not listening and still not going to bed–

it is 10pm and I have not yet had my down time!




Have you had any days like this one?

I have them constantly and I am amazed I am still going. Really!

I have seriously wanted to run away. I have been so upset, I couldn’t even handle my husband giving me a hug. I have literally almost ran out the door one day and have had such bad migraines that the clanking of a fork on a plate hurt my ears. I practically LIVE Mom’s Night Out

I have 5 children under the age of 9 years old now. So, my days might seem rougher than yours, easier than yours, or, busier than yours. But, we all have our limits and weaknesses. Children-often times-are mine, as I am sure it is for most moms 😉

So what do we do?

Give in?

Give up?

Be fake?

Try to announce to ourselves the great blessings we have, all the while cringing our teeth under our breathe and counting down the days they never live with us again, lol!


What we need to be doing, is falling on Jesus and giving him our cares for He cares for us.

He knows what it is like to be used, abused and rejected from His children. His children even ended up killing him. Yet, He was broken for us, bled for us and eventually died for us!

The least we can do, is do what He asks us and love our children. This is in the bible as a reminder to us because we need it! We need to be reminded on days like I had/have, that I need to love my children like Christ loved His children.

Love is not always gushy, gushy feelings, but is an action. It is not hate, either. It is the fruit of the Spirit: faithfulness, kindness, long-suffering, gentleness and self-control!  These will keep us in our darkest days!

So search the scriptures and remind yourselves of all that Christ did for us while we were yet sinners and love your children as He also loves His children!

Pray and lay down your burdens on Him. He listens and He Cares like any good Father would!


Know, you are not alone in this crazy life of Mothering. I am with yah girl.

Keep going! Be strong and love God!

Titus 2:4

“That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children,” KJV

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A Year in Review…

Going back in time and thinking about all the things you have done can be bittersweet. On one side, you have the great things you managed to do and on the other side…not so great things that were either left undone or threw a wrench in your plans and just happened. Here is what happened in our life for 2014, in a snapshot!


So, we started the year Homeschooling which ended up being the biggest part of our year. This was our third year Homeschooling my children and I was Homeschooling 3 out of 5 children in three grade levels. My little girl-not quite in Kindergarten yet-always wanted to participate so, technically I had four!Homeschooling

We worked hard to get the three basic things down: Math, Reading and Writing. I really focus on Phonemic Awareness and Orton Gillingham Approaches for the Literary portions as my children have Dyslexia. You can read more about our journey through this on my other blog: There you can also find resources if your family is blessed with the gift of Dyslexia 😀Homeschooling

I love Handwriting Without TearsA Reason for Handwriting They are very good for simple dexterity and memorizing the way a letter is formed through songs. This year we chose to put our children into regular school and guess what the Kindergarten teacher uses? Yup! Handwriting Without Tears!Homeschooling

For Dyslexia we use clay and boards for letter recognition and multi sensory input!Homeschooling | Home-Ec

Teaching my oldest how to cook was fun! We started with salads and learning how to use a small knife properly. Also, food safety and management.  Then, we moved to cooking eggs. He was so proud of himself and so was I.Kilsby Painting | Homeschooling

For Homeschooling we focused a lot of skills. Painting being one of them which they have a natural niche for. THis probably comes from my side of the family line because my husband hates art. So bad, if he had it his way all art supplies would be thrown in the garbage forever. Sometimes, I have to go to the garbage and pull out brand new paint brushes or pencil crayons because he has chucked them into the garbage!
Going to see the MP

The perks of Homeschooling is we do more fun-real-life things like meeting the MP and asking questions about what they do. This covered some of the Grade 3 outcomes which was also fun. The boys dressed in their suit and ties and had an official meeting in the board room for the MP and his constituents. He gave us neat flags that we still have now and brochures of where he works in Ottawa. He showed us also where he sits when discussing important issues at the House of Commons.

Homeschoolong | Dyslexia

One thing we discovered was that my one son REALLY struggled with memory and his Phonemic Awareness because of Dyslexia. This was a highlight for us and a pivotal moment for his reading comprehension; My Kindergartener began leaning to read with 3D clay letters. This worked way better than flat 2D words or rice writing r any other trick so-to-speak! He would see and remember the letters only when done like this. It was a break through for his learning.

School was out and summer was in full swing. My husband and I couldn’t have been more happier. We took a mini-vactaion together and spent time gazing at the beautiful Pacific Ocean; Tour Boat riding on the Ocean and watching the seals upon its shores. Riding our bikes together. Eating foods that we like!

It was so funny and I think we will laugh about this for years to come. The first night on our vacation we ending up sleeping in, until 2pm the next day!! Yes, we were on vacation as parents haha! I don’t even remember the last day I slept in…

Then our church was so blessed, as we had been praying every year we came to the city that we would be able-by God’s Grace-to get a new building….and He answered our prayers. Well, half of it anyway. We have to share it but, we are very grateful for God’s provision and can seat almost twice as many people! What a great God we

Every year we started to go camping in the summer and make sure we are set up good. We love the outdoors and nature and yes, even camp food. It is almost a treat for us to have lots of junk food because I never buy it! Ever! Otherwise, I would eat it all and that is not a pretty sight. The kids are always mad if mom doesn’t end up sharing. Not good. It is better to just avoid the problems 😉

I thoroughly soaked up the time there. The kids were with daddy swimming and playing. I got to start on my new book for the Reality Series in the midst of beauty and rest. It was perfect!!

I finished the Re-Launch of my first book, Darkness Into Light which included a new cover and type-setting. I wanted to focus more on things that brought my targeted audience attention. Some readers were younger and a larger print was necessary etc. Layout and design needed to emphasis my genre and age ideals. So this was important and I was featured in many local newspapers that picked up the story for the re-launch. This was pretty exciting! I also got some great reviews which I now have on the blogs

After the re-launch and during it, I worked like a dog to get the Branding, Networking, and Advertising going. Also, creating a Twitter account which has been a wonderful blessing. I began starting the ground work for the new book coming and laying a foot-hold on a lot of the typing work for the book during NaNoWriMo. I had already handwritten out the time-line, scene goals, and about 50% of the book itself already. I thought during the National Writing Month I would try to get as much of the computer work done as I could get with NaNo’s Writing Sprints. This was incredibly fun and I got matched up with a great Editor which will be Editing Facing The Grey in May. Yay!

It could have been December, however, we had one of those major *ahem* bumps in the road when: our roof went earlier in the year–ten grand later, our basements flooded with washing machine problems and we had to re-do the entire basement–six weeks later and higher Insurance premiums later…

Only to get re-done again during November when the City’s main sewer lines decided to backup into our brand new basement. Good thing the same contractors who were just there a few months back knew our house and set out to work right away–ripping out everything they had just put in!

Right, almost, at the exact same time this was all happening my health was really taking a hit and I was very ill. Then, while I was laying on the couch immobile, my husband came home with his cycling-work-bike in pieces. He had been hit by a car and flipped over it, landing on his head.

Yes, this has been a very bumpy year!

I was grateful he was alive but, he was banged up pretty good. Nothing was broken. Thank the Lord he was smart enough to be wearing a helmet or I would be writing a very different story, as the helmet had been cracked in half.
Kilsby Christmas |

So we finalized the year in Joy for having each other still around, and with a simple Christmas at first. When obviously money was tight on the cash-flow, we realized that we were not going to have a Christmas for the kids. But, in our simplicity and thankful hearts, we were very content with that. Yet, God came through the very last minute with some unexpected finances. Isn’t it funny sometimes that though God tests our love towards Him, He comes through and bring Beauty from Ashes! THis is seen best in the story of Abraham, the father of our faith.Kilsby Christmas |

We also had some other little riffs that were there to steal the joy, love, peace and beauty of Christ’s birth but, we managed to enjoy our time as a family, with the ones we love, creating memories, eating good food and loving the One who gave everything for us to be with Him! Living as a testimony of His Grace, Love and Forgiveness!

Christmas |

Such a wonderful way to end the year!

Many Blessings to you as you reflect on all the Lord has done in your life with the past year…

Ephesians 6: 7-8

“With good will doing service, as to the Lord, and not to men: knowing that whatsoever good thing any man doeth, the same shall he receive of the Lord, whether he be bond or free.”

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Bad-Day Grinches & keeping attitudes elevated!

We recently went to the Capilano Suspension Bridge….

it was beautiful,

Despite our tropical rainforest Christmas!

We were in a down-pour! Rain splattered off the metal beams, sparkling light bulbs, and solid wood planks that we trotted onto.

The park courteously handed out our 5 small children-adult sized plastic ponchos that they swam in the whole time and/or tripped on while walking. We really tried to make the best of this very expensive adventure. We wanted to see the awe of a million lights while suspending off a million centimetre’s…yes, I am Canadian!

However, it was dark and nobody could see the ground. I don’t know about you but, I saw the famous swinging path, lined with wet slippery feet, with many people weighing it down; and my scientific, non-mathematical, futuristically preventive, highly imaginative brain, screamed at me and told me NOOOOO WAYYY! I calculated my educated guess and examined just how and when that baby was going to fall–how I wouldn’t be able to hold on to the wet metal…so, when some children screamed and pleaded to stay with me, my excuse was anchored on the side-lines of this massive extension from land-to-land.

I was content at first. But then, standing in a downpour with a pair of frozen fingers wrapped in mine and everything becoming wet, cold, miserable and itchy from the drenched fabric, it was time to find some warmth!

Photo Credit |

We headed to the only place I saw…the store!

Now with daughter in tow and cold noses, we ventured into the very Canadian and very expensively cute place. Someone told us to try the fudge and I refused after seeing the cost of it. But, marvelled at all the goodies instead. I ended up giving into the moose cookie cutters and thought it was time to head out, before I gave into to anything else.

Photo Credit | & Photography

We walked the beautifully cobbled stone pathway again and I thoroughly enjoyed the lights. Frozen fingers, was now looking like a drenched rat and I figured it was time to get us some Hot Chocolate! We warmed our finger tips and listened to an incredible band spread some Christmas Cheer our way.

Photo Credit | & Photography

The group came and found us so I was excited to finally get back to my minivan and turn on the heaters. It was obvious they were not done with their thrills yet and asked me to go for the walk….I thought it was the plank and it sure felt like that!!! The nice thing about this one was that I could actually see the huge anchors in the side of the cliff! This was still crazy and way out of my comfort zone….


Despite my screaming brain, I obliged! I pretty much prayed the whole way while walking along it.

Then, I saw something!

I swear it was the weight scale and the red light was blinking at the base of the wooden planks under our feet in one area.

Guess what it read?

…it blinked…

…and blinked…






Totally freaked me out. I started praying out loud! Almost knocked all my kids down to get off that thing!

Photo Credit | & Photography

But I didn’t, and remained calm because we were almost at the end, I guess.

I was so susceptible to being the Grinch that night and tried my hardest to enjoy the day. As we walked out of the glittering downpour, the kids got their certificates for crossing the bridge and I tried to maintain our tired, cold, and wet children. I thought about some of the highlights of the place and really sought a good heart about it all. Seeking the diamond in-the-rough so-to-speak. But then, my husband got stuck at the desk. For a long time. They charged us more going out and really dampened the end of the day!

We probably will never go back there again….but, I will never forget that day!

Going home we reflected on the positive things that we LOVED about our time there…

Like our friends that we were with, and the ambience that the place deserves because of the history of what it is all about, the music, and the magic of all the lights!

All in all, we left with beautiful memories, despite our problems!


Don’t let the Grinch of regret, problems, disappointments, ruin your Christmas moments!


Phillipians 4:8

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.”





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