The Hard Path of Mothering with Purpose Series

The Hard Path Series | Blog

I am going to be starting a new Series that deals with the hard path of being a Mother of Purpose!

Being a mother-no doubt-is hard work. It is selfless and we can have our doubts of who we are, what we are doing and if we are actually making any difference at all. I am here to tell you, you are! You are making an impact in your child’s life…one that lasts into eternity.

This Series will delve into thoughts that will keep you on the narrow path with your head held up and your eyes set on the things above-Heaven. For this is our main purpose.

However, we can get distracted from our main purpose and goal in rearing up and training up our children in whom God has entrusted to us. So, for the first part of this Series, I want to talk about your Identity!

#1 ~ What Is Your Identity?

Who are you as a mother? And what is your real purpose in that role?

Well, to some these questions come easily if all is well in your world of mothering but, when the walls are crashing in and the rules are neglected and children are rebelling…these are hard questions to ask ourselves. We need to focus again and remember what our calling is.

We are mothers. We are not necessarily; naggers, pushovers, walls to climb over or step on-ers, or angry monsters. We are called to be nurtures first and foremost but, most importantly our main calling is to be Christ-like!!!

Are you an imitation of Christ?

Does your children see Christ in you? Our Identity lies in who Christ is, not of ourselves. Are we being mothers on our own strength?

I often think of Jesus and His life lived. He is the single most crucial part of our existence, our Creator, our Heavenly Father. He came to this earth as the King of Kings and was met with murderous eyes and depravities. His life was not lavish. His earthly children did not recognized Him. He was used by them. He was mocked and laughed at by them. He was beaten up by them. Even His closest disciples, who He poured every bit of wisdom and love into, deserted Him at one time. Yet, out of love he sacrificed His own desires, bled out tears of sorrow and gave up His life for his wicked children (yet, while we were yet sinners Christ died for us) 

I believe we have the perfect image of self sacrifice in Christ.

Now, I am not suggesting at all you let your kids spit in your face, rip out your hair or beat you up!!! But, I want us to recognize that mothering is a sacrifice with a GREAT reward!!

Christ found this to be JOY SET BEFORE HIM!!!

We too can look to Christ and know we have a great reward in heaven. Our Identity, our strength, our reward is Christ. Lift up your eyes. Be Christ-like and know you are loved in Him first. Then, we can in return show self sacrifice for our children during those rough times, so we too can reap the great reward of a life born again into the kingdom of God. For your children are a great reward and your example to them will lead them also towards heaven!

What a beautiful joy to have!

Hebrews 12:2

“Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.” KJV

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#2~What Is Your Faith?

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Living Up to the Standard of the School Lunchbox & Tips to stress free lunches!

I don’t know about you but, I am new at this whole going to school thing! And let me tell you (or should I let my kids tell you)

…I had no idea what I was getting myself into-regarding lunches!!!

They are THE thing!

Photo Credit |

And if you aren’t doing it, your kids…and other kids…will notice!

I mean, I thought a healthy lunch consisted of what I got in my lunch bag (a brown paper bag with my name written on it) when I was a kid, and that was: A peanut butter and Jam sandwich on white bread, a granola bar, one piece of fruit and maybe a juice box.

Photo Credit |

(We only eat whole wheat-so, for the bread–I must have got bonus points)

But long are the days of PB&J Sandwhiches, so many people have allergies. One time I sent the wrong sandwhich to  the wrong son by accident and a child in his class almost had a seizure!! This is serious business. So, the next day I lined my kids up and said no more Peanut butter at all! I was not about to have anyone die on my watch! They moaned and cried, but forget it-It is a NO!

Then, comes the granola bar-which is so loaded with preservatives. I tried to make them on my own and well, now they are getting store bought muffins. I am not sure if that is any better yet.

Then the one piece of fruit is not enough, you have to include the rainbow of exotic foods, it feels like. AND THEN, no juice boxes are allowed because they don’t like the carbon footprint of them, and/or the fact that kids spill them and it becomes sticky. So only water-BUT, the bottles have to have a pop up lid and not a twist off lid, so the teacher doesn’t have to help them…then, there is no fruit cups allowed because they have a syrup, no nuts in anything, so no certain breads, no, no, no!

Photo Credit |

Honestly, sometimes, I have NO IDEA what to feed my kids!

On top of all that, you have to have cute cut-outs and minion shaped something or other. I tried this for a while…it is like a job!

Photo Credit |

I tried chicken wraps, meat sandwiches, homemade meat and cheese stackers with crackers (got a letter home from the school saying it wasn’t healthy enough-it had cheese, meat, bread, lots of fruit, and a drink-I almost pee’d myself laughing at that letter-anyway-They, I am sure, would have approved one of those little store bought lunchables, which has half the amount of food I put together for the; crackers, cheese and meats?) I have also tried soups, fried chicken, salads, roll-ups, rice, homemade pizza….Yet, so many things can come back barely eaten! So what is the use?

Not to mention, that this all costs way more money than some old-fashioned soup and sandwiches at home!

I have come to learn that, competing, is not living up!

I can not compete and live up to the standard that everyone else it placing on my family. It isn’t fair.  We have 7 mouths to feed and a small budget to work with. We will make things last and do our best to have great lunches but, it is not something to fuss too much over.

Here are my few tips to a stress free School Lunch: 


Don’t look to the Jones’ and their Pintrest perfection!

Let the kids know that you focus on other areas of their life and that cute cut-outs are a special rarity that you can try to aim for, but don’t feel pressured to do it! Get inspirations sure, but, don’t sweat those small things. If you have time for it and the energy…buy all means! But, don’t let it be the standard that you have to live by, compare yourself to, and if you don’t achieve, you have failed as a mother! Be realistic! If your child is getting teased over what he is or isn’t eating, take it up with the teacher and nip it in the bud. Nobody should have to feel bad for eating anything! Some children only get rice and beans-some only rice. We are blessed and need to remember that!

Keep it balanced!

Make sure that you’re providing the essentials to good nutrition. You are the providers, if they don’t want to eat it…it is the child’s choice. You can’t force them, but you can provide well for them and encourage them with some variety. That way you know they are getting all the vitamins and nutrients that they need at school to learn with. Don’t feel like you have to provide the rainforest though. Some of those exotic fruits etc, are expensive and the kids don’t even eat it! Give them antioxidant blueberries instead. They are great brain foods. Opt for Kiwi for something fun!

Understand what your kids like!

One thing I always make sure I do, is make the kids eat their lunches when they get home for their after school snack-if they haven’t eaten it at school. Sometimes they are just too busy at school to get to it and I don’t want that food to go to waist. Other times, they are being picky and then I can monitor what they have/have-not eaten and keep tabs for the next week. This goes a long way but, it is not to rule over good nutrition in the end. Use your own judgement on this one. If your child is bringing home the apples, the sandwich and the cheese, yet eating the granola bars and small treats only-You know that they are just being picky!

Make sure supper is finger-licking-good!

I really try to make good tasty-homemade-clean-balanced-meals. They are usually full of salads, some pastas, rice, potatoes, corn, and good lean proteins! I also cook with a variety of ethnicities to enhance culture awareness, but also good health. There is a lot of nutrients in different spices and herbs. They need healthy meals for growth and I always make sure there is enough food for them to have more!

Thank God for His Provisions!

Not only do I require my children to be grateful for what they have received by me as a parent, knowing that I will do everything that is in me to provide good, healthy, and lovingly-prepared-for meals but, then I must also live up to that same standard. I must be thankful for the portion which God has given to me, in order to provide for my children, knowing He too thinks of only the best for His children.

Psalms 73:26

“My flesh and my heart faileth: but God is the strength of my heart, and my portion forever.” KJV

So, what works for you? How does your schools fair? Are there any crazy restrictions that you have to face?

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When Mama wants to throw a tantrum too!

Photo Credit |

Halfway through my day:


I hate this! Why did you have to make homemade pizza??!!

You are so mean!

He’s touching me!

Mom, he spat in my food-I saw it!

No, I didn’t!

What!?? YOU want me to finish ALLL of my supper before I get that brownie? (After a 9 year old…has a 2 year old epic melt down and complete refusal of better behaviour)–Why did I lose my brownie….Make up for it by cleaning my room? You have to feed me you know!

Do we have to?! Why do you always make us go to bed.

I don’t want to brush my teeth!

You are the worst mom in the whole world!

Get in the bath-NO!

Get out of the bath-NO!

Brush your teeth-No!

Put your backbacks away!


Where they always go; In the side hallway–he chucks it in the main hallway.

No, you need to go back to the table and scrap your food off into the garbage if you are not going to it eat it.

Eat over your plate, not over the floor.

Sit properly on that chair.

Don’t just leave that bowl on the floor, pick it up!

Looking down the hallway, past the backpack, stepping over the bowl and try to hide in the bathroom.

Now mom losses it—-

WHO PEED ON THE TOILET SEAT AGAIN and DIDN’t flush the toilet???!!!!!

Tears started to break and the thought of, ‘What’s the use’ came to my mind. Defeat. Anguish. Tired.

Mom! Where are you?

As I sat back down on the slippery toilet seat, locking the door and desperately trying to think of something good, thoughts of the laundry clouded anything else and the impending workload still screamed at me—CLEAN ME—FOLD ME—PICK ME UP OFF OF THE FLOOR FOR THE 5th TIME TODAY! Re-wash the clean clothes they have been put in the dirty clothes.

Knock, knock, knock—mom, are you in there-I want a drink!

The bathroom floors pleaded with me to sweep them again though, they collect more dirt than I can sweep away.

I didn’t want to leave that bathroom. Yet I did.

Go to bed-No!

Fight to put PJ’s on. Tuck them all into bed. Sit down.

Silent, finally!

For five minutes.


Good night, go to bed!

Hahhaeeeehheee. Jump-THUD.

MOOOOmmmmm! He’s out of his beeeeddd!

Screeammming echoed the upstairs and ran down the hallway-GIVVVE IT BACK-give me that toy-IT”S MINE!!!

Back upstairs, put them to bed again and started to clean up the night dishes…pointless to sit down.

One hour later and completely exhausted, the kids not listening and still not going to bed–

it is 10pm and I have not yet had my down time!




Have you had any days like this one?

I have them constantly and I am amazed I am still going. Really!

I have seriously wanted to run away. I have been so upset, I couldn’t even handle my husband giving me a hug. I have literally almost ran out the door one day and have had such bad migraines that the clanking of a fork on a plate hurt my ears. I practically LIVE Mom’s Night Out

I have 5 children under the age of 9 years old now. So, my days might seem rougher than yours, easier than yours, or, busier than yours. But, we all have our limits and weaknesses. Children-often times-are mine, as I am sure it is for most moms 😉

So what do we do?

Give in?

Give up?

Be fake?

Try to announce to ourselves the great blessings we have, all the while cringing our teeth under our breathe and counting down the days they never live with us again, lol!


What we need to be doing, is falling on Jesus and giving him our cares for He cares for us.

He knows what it is like to be used, abused and rejected from His children. His children even ended up killing him. Yet, He was broken for us, bled for us and eventually died for us!

The least we can do, is do what He asks us and love our children. This is in the bible as a reminder to us because we need it! We need to be reminded on days like I had/have, that I need to love my children like Christ loved His children.

Love is not always gushy, gushy feelings, but is an action. It is not hate, either. It is the fruit of the Spirit: faithfulness, kindness, long-suffering, gentleness and self-control!  These will keep us in our darkest days!

So search the scriptures and remind yourselves of all that Christ did for us while we were yet sinners and love your children as He also loves His children!

Pray and lay down your burdens on Him. He listens and He Cares like any good Father would!


Know, you are not alone in this crazy life of Mothering. I am with yah girl.

Keep going! Be strong and love God!

Titus 2:4

“That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children,” KJV

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Top 3 Tips on Taxes…and how to really Stay Calm & Tax on!

Photo Credit |

I have been thinking a lot about stewardship and it doesn’t come as a surprise because right now for me, in Canada…It is tax season!

Many people think of stewardship towards items, purchased goods and maybe they go to the extent of their time or people. Seldom do we like to attribute the word stewardship with money, let alone, Taxes!

Taxes take up so much time and stress but, I have come to realize that some people handle the time and stress in very different ways. If you have one job, than you easily file your taxes with your T4’s and away you go. The biggest complaint here is having to pay a fee. Some people have opted in getting their own software and filing it through that and again, away they go! Now, for those who are self-employed, contracted out (another way of being self-employed), business owners, entrepreneurs, those that have to work and are trying to pursue their dreams–who need to claim in both areas…this is a nasty job at best!

Receipts get piled up in a box somewhere; Some people don’t even do their taxes for fear of having to deal with the issue, for up to five or six years. Those who are self employed, do not want to even think of how much they owe at the end of the year despite all of the eating out, gas, and other expenses they tried to buffet that dollar balance.

Here are a few tips I encourage you to try and help you give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and not be stressed in the future!

#1–Do your Taxes!

This sounds obvious, but it is not! Look for a good registered tax person that a friend recommends and pay them to do it, instead of the government in 4-6 years after the penalty fee they will slap you with at the end of the year.

#2–Organize those little flyaway papers!

Instead of throwing receipts, invoices, and all related paper work into one box and have to sort it out at the end of the year. Have large (cheap at the dollar store) envelopes in a box. Label each one with a black marker: Food, Gas, Bills, Etc. You are already throwing them into the box…you might as well take the one second extra to throw them in to their proper envelope. This makes it easier for the tax person and might save you money in the long run. Or, easier for you to do at the end of the year!

This tip is also great for those who have two types of business and own a house or something to that extent. You can categorize each envelope for each business and that really helps!

#3–Make money with your money instead of paying for it!

This is my best tip! If you don’t do anything else, do this!

If you are self employed or own a business, you need to think about that end-pay-back for your taxes. Putting it off doesn’t do anything beside give you more grey hairs! Along with your tithe which is typically 10%, move over 10% of your income as you receive, into a seperate savings account. This will be a huge benefit to you! Not only will it pay for your taxes and maybe some more, but if you invest this money into a TFSA, you can earn dividends on it as a Mutual Fund and then pull that money out at the end of the year to give to your taxes. Have that money work for you!!!

To me, this is a better solution than waiting 3-5 years and having to pay the tax person double?

Mark 12:17

“And Jesus answering said unto them, Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s. And they marvelled at him.” KJV

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Why I don’t coupon AND how I still save money!

Why I don't Coupon & How I Still Save | Blog

I have been working very hard to bring you this Blog Post.

Recently I decided to go and do a little couponing. I normally don’t do this because a few years ago, I really tried taking couponing up and I am sure a lot of mom’s with mouths to feed have tried this adventure before too. I found it was like a part time job. So, here is my recent hull from couponing:

I Clipped out the coupons that were sent to me. If you are a couponer does have an easy way to get coupons.

I Clipped out the coupons that were sent to me. If you are a couponer does have an easy way to get coupons.

So, this was the hull! The grocery store near to me did not have any of the other items in stock so I ended up with this.

So, this was the hull! The grocery store near to me did not have any of the other items in stock so I ended up with this.

Why I don’t Coupon…

This hull doesn’t work for me and is a small example of why I don’t coupon. Below I go into the two major reasons. But first, here is why this couponing session didn’t go as planned:

One, I actually didn’t need the chocolate. However, I use it now as rewards for my Toddler to go potty. 1 for pee and 2 for poo 😀  Second, that little box of Cheerios fed all the kids cereal for one day. Not sure if the 0.50 off was really worth it and the actual paper towel I wanted, I couldn’t get. Canada watches for these coupon sales and sometimes they won’t have those specific items in stock during the sale time.

It looks so easy with the new Couponing Wars and Reality television shows, as well as money saving blogs that are out there and the fuss over them.

However, I have a large family! It took me a while to get used to this fact and we so badly want to buy a farm. Until then, we need to figure out how to still SAVE & be content with our lot in life!

Another reason couponing is hard for me is–I live in Canada, not in the US! So, this really gets hard. Canada has less population and overall consumerism has to stay strong in order for the country to function. Canada’s coupons have expiry dates and the stores willing to take them have many restrictions. The one store here that will allow overlapping coupons and you end up with a return to really profit from couponing is London Drugs. But, they don’t sell grocery’s! They sell cameras, toiletries, perfume, etc. It is hardly sensible to feed a family of seven off of this. Canadian Tire has amazing deals and coupled with coupons you can almost get your laundry detergent for free! Still, this won’t feed my 4 hungry boys!

That being said, I want to show you how we do save money on grocery’s for a FAMILY OF 7!

& How I Still Save…

We shop our big two week shops at Costco. One really great perk of having a big family is we shop there a lot and if you have their Executive Membership, it ends up paying for itself plus you get money back at the end of the year. Another way we save there is by buying their in-house sales. This really goes along way if you don’t mind not buying your favourite items every week. Plus, it brings diversity to your shopping.

Here is some of the In-House Sales our Costco had lately:







After our Costco Shop, usually I hit other local stores for Organic produce on sale.

I am very happy to see so much choice now in our stores. Even Costco has been stocking their shelves with Organic items!

I watch for good sales!!

I watch for good sales in other stores!

This cereal, which is one we love buying and is our favourite was at a store near me, 2 for $10. That bag feeds my kids two bowls each. At five kids, that is $1/bowl. Not bad for the bowl sizes they get 😉

For regular produce we go to a local market and save lots of money by choosing that store. We try not to buy produce from any other stores, however bananas and a few things we will pick up at a grocery store that is well stocked in Organic Produce/Meat and is fairly reasonable. Unless the meat is on sale we won’t buy it. My husband hunts and we usually have a stock of venison in the freezer. But, here is some meats we got there:

Make sure you freeze these right away and use the day you take it out of the freezer to ensure freshness and quality when buying marked down items--especially raw meat!

SAVE $10–Make sure you freeze these right away and use the day you take it out of the freezer to ensure freshness and quality when buying marked down items–especially raw meat!

We like to get the double marked-down items for better sales on Organic Meats. If you go in the morning, they usually have the mark-downs from the night previous!

SAVE $7–We like to get the double marked-down items for better sales on Organic Meats. If you go in the morning, they usually have the mark-downs from the night previous!

So, that is it. There is so much more to say about this and there are times I will pull out coupons to get things, but it is rare. How do you do with couponing? Have you tried it before in Canada? Is there a way around the grocery items for couponing? How do you shop for your large family?

Ring in on the conversation below!!

Matthew 25:21 

“His Lord said unto him, Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of they lord.” KJV

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If you are into Homeschooling and need a LA portion or the one you are using is not working, try Write through the Bible.

Here is a peak at what the inside looks like. I am always curious to see the inside and how it will fit with our family. 



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5 Tips on being Satisfied with your lot in life…and your home!

5 Tips on being satisfied with your home

Lately, I was caught up in a re-do project of my house and found items in my home that hadn’t been used in a while and were still of good use. It made me think about life and why I even wanting to change the room around in the first place. Yes, it needed to be more functional and usable but, was there more to this than met the eye? I began to search my heart and I realized  I was not satisfied. I asked myself again, why? I had to admit it was because I wanted a certain look and feel to the home. I wanted style, like I had seen in others homes before and I wanted more. Plain and simple!

This is not always a bad thing. We need to grow. It is not wrong having nice things.

What I was facing with the thoughts of my heart though, was more than that. If I looked around, I had lots of very nice things. Yet, these were not satisfying me anymore. So, why was it not?


I was not focusing my heart on intentional things. Here is a list of 5 Tips that will help you to focus on the best parts of life so that you can be satisfied with all the God has already given you….in your home!

TIP #1 


Open the word of God and focus on what He wants for you. What He says is beautiful and compare yourself to His standard only. Once we steady are eyes back on the things which really matter and set them towards Heavenly things, our worldly possessions don’t seem to matter as much. My husband came back from ministering in the Philippines where he had no running water, no electricity in some houses or it was hanging on the ground outside of the tiny huts and told me that we were simplifying our home. What he was saying is that we have so much and it doesn’t matter in life, what you have, the souls God touched through his ministry, our children, God’s purpose, meant so much more to him after that trip. But, it doesn’t have to stay there…we can glean from that and be satisfied with those same principals here!

TIP #2 


Being a good steward is tending to the things that need to be done. Fixing little things right away. Making sure items don’t become too damaged or worn. Recently, I almost threw away two dress pants because the aren’t hemmed. I am very short 😀 I wanted to buy new pairs instead. Then I realized, why don’t I get them hemmed? This is being a good steward. It cost less. I can use them then and I won’t have to waste more time in trying to go shopping for new ones that probably won’t fit and I would put aside to later buy more again! So, hem your pants, polish your silver (if you have any…I don’t!), move your room around and see if what you have already works for the room, get creative and use old jars for organizing, polish your wood and stainless steal, get those spots out of clothing, and paint the chips on the walls! (also get a magic eraser because those seriously work wonders!)

Once you do this. You will start to enjoy your home again and be satisfied with what you already have.

TIP #3 


God is faithful to his word and the desires of your heart do not go unnoticed. Believe me, I know. However, they do come in God’s timing and not our own. This sometimes detours us from going about it in His way. I can attest though to God’s provisions in something that you or someones else might find silly but, God knew it was a desire in my heart. THrough patience, I received it. There was this one pretty hand-knitted out fit I so wanted for my brand new baby girl. We couldn’t afford it at the time. So, I prayed that if God wanted, I could have that to put His little girl into. I was content with not getting it as well but, left the results up to Him. This little girl turned 10 months and finally we ended up having a baby shower for her. I completely forgot about my little request and lo and behold, God did not! There in a simple package was the most surprising gift. That hand-knitted outfit.

If we humble ourselves to His will and plans and are satisfied with any result. God sees that and honours it. I think if you ask for a million bucks or all your neighbours things, you might be waiting a long time for those desires lol! But in humility and grace, with a heart that wants to exalt God and Him alone; those small things, He will take note of and I believe, delights in giving His children good gifts, like any good father would!

TIP #4 


Next time you want coffee with the most chicest of the ladies, go to their house to bless them instead of checking out their latest style and taking mental notes. Minister to them. If this is too hard for you, then seek others to minister to so that you are not tempted to living up to their standard only. Be an individual that is a servant of God. Serve in different volunteer ministries of your community. This helps us to break us out of our comfort zones and gets us out there focusing on other people rather than our house.

TIP #5 


OHHH, just hearing those words makes me cringe! I am guilty of this. I like to dream and plan and seldom follow through. I have a hard time being organized. You can read all about that here. But this is an important part. I don’t mind chores, but picking up after 7 people is dreadful…especially the laundry. Yet, if I am honest with myself, the reason I am most often discontented with my home is because it is not functional, organized or clean. On my best days, I love being in my own home. Other days, I want to run far, far away and pretend I live with Martha Stewart. I can not afford a housekeeper and so it is up to me! If I maintain this area better, I will be more satisfied with living in my home and that goes for you too 😀 We can work on this area and be imperfect together!

1 John 2: 15-17

“Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world-the desires of the flesh and the desires of the eyes and pride in possessions-is not from the Father but is from the world. And the world is passing away with its desires, but whoever does the will of God abides forever.” ESV

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Organization…one Mother’s Nightmare!

In The World but, not of it!

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Getting Organized…

My worst fear!

There is a pile of clean clothes invading my bedroom. The floor seems to have mysterious items constantly dropping on it as if there is an indoor hail-storm. I can’t find any toothpaste and the kids have all rubbed off their names from their toothbrushes, and where are all the bedtime books?!!

Sound like your house? Well, it is mine… Organization doesn’t come naturally to me. Well, it did. Or, should I say used to, before I had 5 kids. After that, it all seemed to just unravel on me and I couldn’t find the spool to put my string back onto. I didn’t know where to start and if I did try, it seemed like everything slipped off again right before my eyes. I would give up the fight when it had only begun. I would feel so defeated! When my house is…

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