Beginnings are to be cherished

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A hard decision

Hi everyone!

I have had to make a hard decision lately.

I am a mom, wife, minister’s wife, writer, song creator/performer, receptionist, house cleaner (paid), house cleaner (not paid), school oversee’er, child manager, child psychologist, blogger, and the list goes on from here. However, the blogging part has been laking. And rightfully so. I am jam-packed busy with all that I do.

Honesty can be tough, but necessary!

I am taking a break in some of my blogging. It means that, unfortunately, this blog was chosen to go–as it gets the least amount of traffic to it.

I hope you all understand!

One thing I did want to say, is that you can look forward to some great Mommy writing in the future. I am planning on taking the huge list of potential things for this blog and use it to write a non-fiction book containing everything I had planned for this wonderful blog. Stay tuned!

So, without further ado…

A demain!

Organization…one Mother’s Nightmare!

In The World but, not of it!

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Getting Organized…

My worst fear!

There is a pile of clean clothes invading my bedroom. The floor seems to have mysterious items constantly dropping on it as if there is an indoor hail-storm. I can’t find any toothpaste and the kids have all rubbed off their names from their toothbrushes, and where are all the bedtime books?!!

Sound like your house? Well, it is mine… Organization doesn’t come naturally to me. Well, it did. Or, should I say used to, before I had 5 kids. After that, it all seemed to just unravel on me and I couldn’t find the spool to put my string back onto. I didn’t know where to start and if I did try, it seemed like everything slipped off again right before my eyes. I would give up the fight when it had only begun. I would feel so defeated! When my house is…

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37 Things the Books Never Told ME about Being a Mom

This was posted by an amazing women who knows her stuff and what it takes to be a good Momma! Enjoy!

I know I did 😀

37 things the Books Never Told me…..

1. Bed time will feel like a hostage situation.

2. You will never poop alone.

3. Strangers will know best how to raise your children.

4. Sippy cups and mold are best friends.

5. Getting a shower is overrated.

6. Cold season may leave you suicidal.

7. They will have way nicer and cuter clothes than you.

8. There’s no need to have an alarm clock…just throw it away.

9. You will want to apologize to every parent you judged before you were a parent.

10. If you eat a warm (not hot) meal, you have basically won the Powerball.

11. Grocery shopping by yourself might bring tears to your eyes.

12. They will want a snack while you’re making dinner.

13. They will want a snack while you’re cleaning up dinner.

14. You should have a pack of batteries and a small screwdriver available at all times.

15. Everyday, you will throw random junk away that has…

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I need your thoughts…

My heart is to Glorify God and serve Him. That means serving you too!

I would like your thoughts as mom’s, wives, homemakers, singles and friends. Please take the time to fill out the Poll below to bring me ideas to better serve this community of readers. Of course I am praying that whatever I write, edifies and brings you closer in your walk with God personally as well as, give you inspiration and joy living for Christ in any role you have been given.

Many Blessings~

James 1:5

“If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask God, that giveth to all men liberally, and unbraideth not, and it shall be given unto him.” KJV

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Staying Healthy for the whole Family


“Mommy, go for walk!” My son protested.

“No hunny, mommy is not feeling good today.” I tried to say. Not letting him in on the fact that I didn’t want to go out in the rain and that I was super tired because I am very ill.

“Moouuuoommyyy, go for walk!” He stomped his foot and gave a sad face.

I sighed heavy and gave in. Grabbed the umbrellas and zipped up our gear to head out into the down pour! Why did I agree to this again, I thought?

My son is three and wanted to hold his massive umbrella himself, which I allowed. But, after we got our little cups of Timmies Hot Chocolate, he couldn’t hold it any more and for the whole way back I had to hold both of our umbrellas. As we walked and my arms ached, I was thankful that he made me go outside and get the fresh air. It felt good to bond with him and feel the oxygen hitting my lungs and blood.

When we got home, we were wet…but more importantly, we were healthy and happy! Soon he will be at school too with the other ones and these moments won’t last. I need to enjoy them.


Now going back to the bit where I am not very healthy and didn’t originally want to go; Sometimes in life we get to a point where our aging bodies fail us. Right now, I am in that moment, although I am not sure what it is that doesn’t seem to want to work properly, yet. We are awaiting blood work. So, I have a choice until I find out and can do something about it, I could wallow in self pity and whine or, I can let my son take me outside to play, making the best of the situation. I took the latter as you know…After all, I really need the exercise!

Until we find out exactly what is going on, I have committed to maintaining some kind of health. I am going back to green smoothies, and green cleaning products. It is easy to fall off the band-wagon so-to-speak, especially when time is restrained in the home. Having to make your own food or products can be time consuming. But is crucial, in order to have a healthy home and healthy mommy too. This needs to take my time-priority!




My 2 top favourite’s for Green Cleaning Products and still use to this day are:

Melanie’s Window Cleaner:

  • empty, clean, spray bottle (at dollar stores)
  • fill half with white vinegar
  • drop 6-8 drops of Peppermint or Lemon essential oil into bottle
  • drop one or two drops of dish detergent (preferably sunlight)
  • fill the rest with water
  • shake
  • spray
  • wipe windows and mirrors off with paper towel


Melanie’s Counter Cleaner:

  • empty,clean, spray bottle (at dollar stores)
  • fill 3/4 the way up with warm water
  • drop 6-8 drops of essential oil (lemon or, peppermint with a little bit of oregano oil)
  • one to two drops of dish detergent (preferably sunlight)
  • fill rest with water
  • shake
  • spray
  • wipe with clean damp clothes
  • don’t let food go directly on wet surface


My favourite Green smoothie:


Melanie’s Blueberry Concoction:

  • 1 cup of wild organic frozen blueberries
  • 1 cup of lettuce
  • 1/2 cup of parsley
  • 1 can of coconut milk (no chunks..yuck!)
  • 1 very ripe organic banana
  • 3 Tbls Spoons of Organic Greek yogurt-Vanilla flavoured
  • fill with water to just under the full-line on your blender
  • Blend until smooth
  • Enjoy 😀



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You can make your own too with these great ideas 😀
Get Healthy Green Smoothie Recipes for the whole family HERE!

How to make your own kitchen garden! Gardening in small spaces, if that is all you have!

Make your own Cleaning products with this easy guide!

Get your Green Living Kits here!


 If you are into savings through coupons, check out some of the places I use in Canada:  &

Stay Happy and Healthy in Christ,

3 John 1:2

“Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.” KJV

Giving thanks…

I am Canadian and our Thanksgiving has come and gone…

But, for our Neighbours in the U.S, it is time to Celebrate!

Thanksgiving on either side is dear to me. This is due to the fact that my husband is of Native origin, my father & mother’s family comes from Europe & France regions. This is almost the birth of my life in a sense. I am the result of these early traditions. My blood line and my children’s blood lines, follow this very history. This is not tradition to me but,

…Coming together as one, giving thanks to God for his provisions, and the tender love of another human whatever nationality, or background.

This is a time to celebrate our families, yes! But, more importantly to recognize the kindness of others and how they help us become better people. Enjoying life together as God purposed!

This Holiday Season…

Bless others and be thankful for all they do in your life.