A hard decision

Hi everyone!

I have had to make a hard decision lately.

I am a mom, wife, minister’s wife, writer, song creator/performer, receptionist, house cleaner (paid), house cleaner (not paid), school oversee’er, child manager, child psychologist, blogger, and the list goes on from here. However, the blogging part has been laking. And rightfully so. I am jam-packed busy with all that I do.

Honesty can be tough, but necessary!

I am taking a break in some of my blogging. It means that, unfortunately, this blog was chosen to go–as it gets the least amount of traffic to it.

I hope you all understand!

One thing I did want to say, is that you can look forward to some great Mommy writing in the future. I am planning on taking the huge list of potential things for this blog and use it to write a non-fiction book containing everything I had planned for this wonderful blog. Stay tuned!

So, without further ado…

A demain! realitywriter.wordpress.com


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