Organization…one Mother’s Nightmare!

In The World but, not of it!

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Getting Organized…

My worst fear!

There is a pile of clean clothes invading my bedroom. The floor seems to have mysterious items constantly dropping on it as if there is an indoor hail-storm. I can’t find any toothpaste and the kids have all rubbed off their names from their toothbrushes, and where are all the bedtime books?!!

Sound like your house? Well, it is mine… Organization doesn’t come naturally to me. Well, it did. Or, should I say used to, before I had 5 kids. After that, it all seemed to just unravel on me and I couldn’t find the spool to put my string back onto. I didn’t know where to start and if I did try, it seemed like everything slipped off again right before my eyes. I would give up the fight when it had only begun. I would feel so defeated! When my house is…

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