Giving can be hard but, receiving can be even harder!


Is sometimes better than giving.

…as a measure of good medicine!

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When you have nothing and work so hard for everything, pride can slowly creep in.

If you are not careful, it can turn you into a Scrooge! Especially when you are faced with the fact you might have a lousy Christmas in the gift giving department! Life can offer set backs at VERY untimely moments: a lost job, a house flooding with the Cities Sewage water!!!!! I am not sure if you can tell…but, that one just happened to us. *Ahem* moving on: unexpected bills, loss of a loved one, family problems, etc. Often times, it can suck out the heart and soul of the Season and leave us wanting to recite those famous lines, “Bhaaa-Hum-Bug.”

To be honest, I didn’t even get the Christmas tree up or lights put out this year. The grandparents came over and made me pull it out. As my husband and I stepped out for a bit to pick up dinner, they did it all with the kids and had a blast. I was actually super grateful for this because I have been tired and suffering some other health issues. This was a great blessing to us. But…if I really examined myself, I didn’t care less if I had the tree up or not. That is a sad truth and a real truth. We had no money because of our set backs and I knew we weren’t having Christmas this year. So why put up a tree, I thought? The excuses flooded in (no pun intended) and I just surfed them out.

I find it humorous how when we think things are impossible, that is when God decides to do the Possible–to–Him miracles!

I prepped my kids for the inevitable and asked them what would happen if they got nothing for Christmas? What would they do? How would they feel about it?

I was very impressed by my eldest’s response. He said, that Christmas wasn’t about presents and it was okay. I was so grateful for his attitude but, I wondered still, if his reaction would stay true to that statement on Christmas morning when they’re really wouldn’t be presents under the tree, or candy in their stockings, or any Candy canes to decorate with?

I was comfortable with the idea of just sitting around the tree, saying all the things we loved about Jesus in a quiet remembrance of what He came for. I had peace with it finally and looked forward to embracing the day a real gift was given to us.  It made me think about how I have nothing to offer Jesus besides my wretched life and yet, He was there, was given for us…laid his life down as our gift. It dawned on me; giving sometimes can be easier (in a sense) than receiving–something we know we don’t deserve and it is free for us! I watched the twinkling lights and truly was excited for Christmas morning, fast approaching.

Then it happened…

The miracles.

The blessings.

The pride.

We received gifts from family, from Insurances, from different sources–over and above our thoughts. And, God wasn’t done. He gave more through gifts to the children for Christmas that didn’t cost us much: Through our work, through people, through friends…

It literally just poured in!!

Through trials came pain and then, many blessings. We were patient and satisfied with even the little we would have had. Yet, God saw fit to provide for us and we were so grateful for that. But there was a slight problem….me!

Some of those blessings came from places and people that was hard for me to receive them from. Not because I didn’t love the people or places that it did come from…but, because of myself. I could feel pride creep in and I wrestled with the idea of receiving these blessings. I had to remember that this was a blessing from God. We were in need and He was providing. He chose to use these times and places. I had to be willing to receive my gifts as well as give them too.

This is and was, a hard lesson for me (or anyone) to learn but, good medicine for the soul.

James 1:17

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.”

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