Forever gifts are the handmade gifts!

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A Handmade item is not only sentimental; it is detailed, it is crafted, it is refined, it is quality, it is time worthy and most of all it is beautiful. It is a work of art! I remember one Christmas Ornament that I love to this day. It was a handmade one from my oldest sister. It was made from the shell of a walnut and wool. Inside the walnut, a little mouses body appeared with a little blanket covering him, two glued on wobbly eyes and a cute little tail curled out of it. I adored this little creation and wondering how they made such an amazing thing that could hang on a tree. I marvel at the little gift today and in my past memories. Such a joy handmade gifts can be! We have made many gifts handmade, especially for Christmas. I believe it adds a personal touch of care and without actually writing it, the words ‘I love you!’ I love to hand make a lot of things that go into my home to say those same words in the curtains I put up, to the desk they work off of, or the food they eat. We say a lot with our hands. Here are some cute Christmas Home~made Projects that you can make, with the whole Family in mind:

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Click here to follow the directions step by step for the Homemade Christmas Cards above 😀

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Click here to learn how to do this Homemade Christmas Wreath & very easy project 😀

Isaiah 66:2 …”Has not my hand made all these things, and so they came into being” declares the LORD…

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