Organization…one Mother’s Nightmare!

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Getting Organized…

My worst fear!

There is a pile of clean clothes invading my bedroom. The floor seems to have mysterious items constantly dropping on it as if there is an indoor hail-storm. I can’t find any toothpaste and the kids have all rubbed off their names from their toothbrushes, and where are all the bedtime books?!!

Sound like your house? Well, it is mine… Organization doesn’t come naturally to me. Well, it did. Or, should I say used to, before I had 5 kids. After that, it all seemed to just unravel on me and I couldn’t find the spool to put my string back onto. I didn’t know where to start and if I did try, it seemed like everything slipped off again right before my eyes. I would give up the fight when it had only begun. I would feel so defeated! When my house is not put away and managed orderly, I kinda lose it. Maybe, I am the only one? My thoughts are all over the place. I can’t focus well and I don’t like being at home. This doesn’t get any better when you compact 7 people within the main living area which is just under 1000 square feet.

This year, however, I am determined to not let the string get off that spool without a needle!

In my previous post about my goals for 2015, I stated that each month I would organize one room/area in the house. I intend to carry out these goals and I have you to thank. You have become my accountability partner so-to-speak. So, thank you 😀 Last week I was busy trying to get paperwork organized for our year end. I have to continue doing that for our church year end next week. My plan for the house however, is the kids’ books and storage of the books. So, stay tuned for that update in the weeks to come. I am going to try and post what my project is and you can follow along, post comments or tell me about your organizing projects and we can do them together.

I always say if there is an area in your life that you are not good at, fall short to, or simply struggle in, this  is the time to gain help from your friends who love you; in an atmosphere of humility and honesty. With that, comes also, self-accountability.

I have found some great ways that helped me that last year (which I am still using this year) and it seems to be paying off for me–especially managing and organizing: kids/school/appointments/lessons/activities!

(This post contains affiliate links. I will be paid a small portion of your sales if you so choose to use these links. These do not affect your sale cost at all. They are for your convenience and also help build great posts like this one as you support this blog in using them~~Thank you!)

Motherword Magnetic Family Org Calendar (2015)

Yes, the mommy Calendar!

I told myself I would never get one of these things lol…and there I am buying one, again. Now, I can’t live without it! It is right smack-dab in the centre f my freezer door with all the stickers and do-dads and I think it is awesome. Almost like the mini-van. We tried for years to avoid our van. But, now, I couldn’t live without it. It has helped us and is such a blessing. It still is a minivan and sometimes uncool to all the other cool cars. Maybe the kids wouldn’t mind getting something nicer?

If only one of the kids wanted to ride in the back of the pick-up truck…which I am sure, if I gave them the opportunity, they would be thrilled to do—let’s be realistic though, they have to wear seat-belts these days! Ahhw well… *shrugging shoulders*  …another dream dashed. 😉

At the moment, I am test-driving another great resource for helping with my everyday life. So, be sure to tune in again to hear what I think about that and if it has been helping me. So far, I feel like it has been–a bit. Until my husband went and took out the Ham that I was supposed to have NEXT Saturday, which was very noticeable on the plan. We will have to see how good the planner is for hiccups, because my life is full of them!

The real test is in a few weeks of course; Will I continue to be self-motivated with it? Will I leave my house in confusion? Or, continue to keep a steady pass on peace and organization in my home. Funny how organization, can bring us peace too. Not the same as, the peace which surpasses all understanding;

But, a simple one.

A beautiful one.

1 Corinthians 14:33

“For God is not the author of confusion but of peace, as in all the churches of the saints.”

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Another great way to get organized,

is to get inspiration from some of these great magazines.

Inside you can find organizing nuggets as well as recipes and super tops too!

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