Merry Christmas….

…from our Wonky Family!

Christmas 2014 Snowball Family

When picking out our Family Christmas Photos, we looked at all the perfect ones where everyone was sitting well and straight. Chin’s are up and smiles were on; It was too perfect! A picture has to represent your family as a whole and the personalities that represent each person.

The picture above, caught us perfectly!

The photographer was telling the kids to hold tightly on these very large snowball things. They were googling at them and were standing almost with ants in their pants–they wanted to throw those balls so badly. Being boys, these was a huge temptation for them. Then, right before the picture was taken the photographer yelled out, “Throw your balls!” Of course they did and obviously to my very big surprise! To my embarrassment, they chucked them so hard, the photographer actually got hit with one.

This would not be our family photo, without mom getting embarrassed at least once. So when we saw this picture, we thought it displayed us to the *T*!

Enjoy and please share your family photos with me as well!

Merry Christmas

…don’t be embarrassed of who God created your family to be!

Instead, share it with the world…


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