Making Traditions a family event!

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When my husband and I had our first Christmas together, we thought about Children and having a family of our own one day. Little did we know that one day would be 3 months into our marriage. So, as we sat together and thought we asked our selves some very big questions:

Now that we have left our father and mother, and cleaved to one another; how should we live our lives as one? What family traditions do we want to keep or make on our own?

Having two people come together is like two raging rivers joining into one stream. It can be trumulterous at times, learning to live as one body of water. Sometimes under-currents can kick up old debris (baggage) and other times it feels smooth and calm. Sometimes, there are big rocks that are in the way. We have to rush around them to continue on together. When it comes to raising a family together, traditions can be those tough rocks or decisions. One person may want a bar mitzvah, the other a Silent Night, and so on….

Here are some of the traditions that we have made together, as a family:

  • Driving around late at night to see all the Christmas Lights! We blare the Christmas Music ooohhh-ing and awww-ing over ever single one…even the sad looking ones 😀 Some are simply amazing , some are cute, and some are down-wright-tacky but, we love them!
  • Singing some Christmas Carols as a family while I *ahem* attempt to play the piano. It brings; Jesus, and worship, and joy, back to Christmas we feel. Even if it is clanging symbols! Overall, It is beautiful to sing together and gather around with some hot chocolate.
  • Reading the story of Christmas out of the Bible on Christmas morning. This is something we love to do! We also take the time to incorporate the story of the Christmas tree and how that relates to the cross. Then, we talk about the star on the tree and how that showed where Jesus lay. Then, we say that Jesus was our gift for Redemption & Salvation. We point to the gifts under the tree and tell them that we honour the greatest gift of all by giving each other gifts. Then we give our gifts to each other.

Here are some of the traditions we had to leave behind or change, as a family:

  • Going to Christmas dinner at everyone’s house. That sounds crazy, I know! What I mean is, we have divorced families and re-married families as grandparents. That means 5 different Christmas Dinners and everyone wants you on 2 days…or worse, one! This got very frustrating. We now host Christmas dinner and invite EVERYBODY! This is a lot easier and we can set-the-tone for keeping Christ the centre of it all.
  • We moved and one of our traditions was going out and getting a Christmas tree-a real one-hacking it down and sitting around a wood fire-pit outside. Going on a train ride and sipping hot chocolate with our wonderful neighbors. The place we live is an hour away from them and we rent now, so they said no real trees 😦
  • No Christmas baked goodies with my wonderful neighbour either 😦
  • We also stopped opening one early gift on Christmas Eve. With 5 children, you want to keep all the gifts there until the very last moment. Plus, there is more money to spend and that may be their best gift, so we try not to ruin it.

How do you celebrate Christmas?

Do you have any traditions that you have made together as a family?

“Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.”

Genesis 2:24 KJV        

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