Giving thanks…

I am Canadian and our Thanksgiving has come and gone…

But, for our Neighbours in the U.S, it is time to Celebrate!

Thanksgiving on either side is dear to me. This is due to the fact that my husband is of Native origin, my father & mother’s family comes from Europe & France regions. This is almost the birth of my life in a sense. I am the result of these early traditions. My blood line and my children’s blood lines, follow this very history. This is not tradition to me but,

…Coming together as one, giving thanks to God for his provisions, and the tender love of another human whatever nationality, or background.

This is a time to celebrate our families, yes! But, more importantly to recognize the kindness of others and how they help us become better people. Enjoying life together as God purposed!

This Holiday Season…

Bless others and be thankful for all they do in your life.


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